How You Can Turn Your Catalogue Into a Flipbook with Page Flip PDF Software

How Page Flip PDF Software Can Help You Create a Great Catalogue

page flip pdf digital catalogues


Every business wants to engage with their customers and make sales, and with the digital revolution now upon us page flip pdf software lets businesses create online digital catalogues. An online catalogue in the form of a flipbook lets you design and modify a publication that lists all of your products or services with images, graphics, content and even videos and audio as well as detailed descriptions and prices. Customers used to receive catalogues through the post and would then order goods by sending off an order form, but nowadays everybody wants the ease of doing things online. Paper catalogues also cost businesses a lot of money and did not always guarantee sales, and goods took a long time to arrive as the seller had to wait until the paper order came in before processing the order. Now with digital catalogues, the whole process is a lot quicker and a lot cheaper for businesses.
Many modern businesses now use page flip pdf software to turn pdf to flip book, which is a digital magazine or catalogue that flips just like a real book which adds go the user experience (How to flip a pdf). The seller can upload their pdf on to a template and then add products, descriptions and images as well as a price list and can even embed a shopping cart into their flipbook. You can add logos, branding and even have special offers to entice customers to purchase your goods or services. Flip pdf online page websites will help you produce a glossy, visually compelling catalogue that can be shared on social media thus allowing your business to reach more potential customers.  This gives you leads which can turn into conversions, making you more money and means that you don’t have to wait for people to come to you, you can reach them in their own homes. There is no need for you to even have a physical shop, orders come in through your flipbook or can be directed to your shop website.

page flip pdfThe flipbook catalogue is like your virtual window display and just as a window can be dressed to lure customers inside, your page flip pdf catalogue can be made to look beautiful, and be the ideal vehicle to sell your products or services. Before you look at a page flip pdf website, have a look at other catalogues that you like to get a feel of what you want your digital catalogue to look like. Gather design ideas that you think will help showcase your products, think of what you are trying to sell with your goods, and create your catalogue around that idea. You don’t need to sell all your goods on your flipbook, put some on and then a link to your website, and change your products on the catalogue regularly as people like to see new products. Seduce prospective clients with glossy images, and utilise special offers to get people to buy, if someone is presented with a great limited period special offer, they are more likely to take the bait and buy, which will boost your sales. Remember to show your product in the right context, as in if you sell plates, photograph them on a table and try not to use stock images, get a photographer to take great pictures of your products.

page flip pdfSome page flip pdf services such as FlipSnack allow you to use video content which can really add a slick edge to your flipbook catalogues, and you can share them on social media and on your website. Make sure that the prices are clearly displayed, and link to the product page on your website from your flip catalogue, you can even add a ‘buy’ button and have things like paypal widgets in your flipbook sales catalogue. If you have a customer email list, share your digital catalogue with them, and add a ‘sign up for digital catalogue’ button on your website where interested customers can sign up for your cool catalogue. Page flip pdf services can help you create the perfect catalogue to give your sales a mighty boost.

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