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A while ago if someone asked you how to flip you would either describe a somersault or a cartoon like flicker book where the images appeared to move when you flipped the pages, but now when asked how to flip, you would describe a digital flip book.

how to flip

Today, an online flipbook service offers you the ability to create a digital magazine or journal that has a page-flipping look, with added images, videos and hyperlinks to make it individual to you. At we really love flipbooks, and love to blog about how to flip as we see them as a real game changer in the world of blogging and showing people your art and ideas. A good flip book website will show you how to flip so that you can design and produce your very own digital journal or magazine just by uploading a pdf file to a flip book website and then becoming artistic with it to produce your own personal flip book with moving images, YouTube videos, even ads. They offer the reader a great product and also give the creator, namely yourself a fantastic opportunity to really showcase your skills with fresh content that can be optimised for search engines, great visually appealing graphics and links to other sites if needed.
From online sales catalogues that will highlight your goods to slick brochures, engaging work presentations or online galleries to show your art, flip books are the way forward as they are dynamic, fun to use and entertaining for your readers and can also really wow any prospective employers.

how to flip
And unlike a PDF file, they look great on every platform, be it a smart phone, iPad, PC to laptop, which is a great way to engage with new readers as most people go online now with their smartphones as opposed to their PC’s.

How to flip

The market in flipbooks is growing as more and more people see how slick the finished product can look, if you have ever read an online magazine then you will already know what a flip book looks like, they really can look that good.
So how to flip?  Modern flipbook software allows for the integration of HTML5 technology as well as pre-existing Flash infrastructure for universal viewing and there are many websites which offer free flip book software, or if you want your flip book with bells and whistles, get a paid service that will give you a really high end finish.

Flip books can be shared on social media too, such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and of course Facebook, thus allowing your readers to share your online publication with their friends and colleagues which may gain you more subscribers. You can even embed your flip book in your app and engage more people and make more money if you are selling a product. You can include links within your flip book and generate external traffic, and flip books offer a way to deliver a concise content message with none of the extraneous filler that litters the usual web to flip
If you have a business, you can include commerce options such as shopping carts and widgets so that readers can buy products listed on your page. They make great shopping catalogues and can really showcase what you have to sell in a user friendly manner.
So where to find out how to flip? Try services such as FlipSnack, Joomag, Issue or Flipdocs, or look for free services but be aware that these can come with watermarks and annoying pop up ads.
So now that you know how to flip there is nothing to stop you from creating your own funky flip book.

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